NYC Healthcare VC Report 2018

I'm thrilled to announce the release of the first-ever New York City Healthcare Venture Capital Report 2018 from NYC Health Business Leaders, the organization I co-founded with Dr. Yin Ho in 2009.

The goal of this report is to provide entrepreneurs, investors, executives, policy makers – and all industry stakeholders - with an objective, data-driven look at the importance of the New York market to the healthcare industry. 

Bunny on Amazon Health Venture

Why I'm excited about the choice of Atul Gawande to lead the new Amazon/JP Morgan/Berkshire Hathaway healthcare venture


I was quoted a few days ago in this article and a number of people have asked why I think the choice of Atul Gawande to lead the new healthcare venture formed by Amazon, J.P. Morgan, and Berkshire Hathaway’s is so good. Several have suggested that this will be a part-time gig for Dr. Gawande since he will continue to practice medicine, do research, write books, etc. I thought it would be useful to publish the full statement released to the press because it touches on that concern and provides my rationale for celebrating this choice.

That said, I have no special knowledge of Dr. Gawande's plans nor how many hours he will work. In fact, I don't know him personally. I've based my assessment on what I've seen and read about him over the years. Plus, I have worked in healthcare for 25 years so have experienced plenty of leaders and management teams. And as it relates to physician leaders in particular: it has been my experience that the ones who continue to see patients, even when leading or managing organizations, have always been the best. They don't lose touch with what really matters in delivering care.

My NPR Debut

Every morning I wake up to NPR. This has been going on for decades. So imagine my glee at being invited to weigh in on a healthcare topic. A fan girl's dream. Bill of the Month: A Tale of 2 CT Scanners - One Richer, One Poorer aired on April 9, 2018 on Morning Edition. I spoke to reporter Alison Kodjak about healthcare pricing related to the Emergency Department - why it's often higher than other sites of care. Below is the audio version and here's the transcript

The Ellerin Award goes to...


Five forces.

Two words and the room erupts, as only a crowd full of MBA’s can. They know exactly who I’m talking about.

The father of modern business strategy. The man Fortune named "the most famous and influential business professor who has ever lived."

Who else? Harvard Business School Bishop William Lawrence University Professor Michael Porter.

It was humbling to present Professor Porter with the Ellerin Alumni Achievement Award at the 18th Annual HBS Healthcare Annual Conference on November 10, 2017. The award was created to commemorate my role in forming and leading the organization and is given to an outstanding leader annually.

Professor Porter has applied his intellect to myriad issues and industries throughout his career. We are lucky that he took an interest in healthcare and wrote Redefining Health Care: Creating Value-Based Competition on Results with Elisabeth Teisberg in 2006. Recognizing the need for more, he launched the Institute for Value-Based Healthcare Delivery to provide a framework for restructuring health care systems around the globe with the overarching goal of value for patients—not access, cost containment, convenience, or customer service.

Listening to Professor Porter discuss his work and all his team is doing to create more effective business models in healthcare was inspiring. Gave me renewed hope!