Physicians continue to get social

I always wake up to NPR, but the other morning was a bit startled by what I heard. I'm used to the announcer thanking Medtronic as a sponsor, but Sermo? Yes, Sermo, the rapidly growing physicians' social network which now boasts over 60,000 subscribers. Interesting that they are using the radio waves to reach more doctors, certainly a signal that they are looking at all types of media to promote the site and acquire more users before competitors gain traction. Other doctor sites include the recently launched Physician Connect from Medscape/WebMD, SpineConnect for spine surgeons, Within3 to foster collaboration between physicians and researchers. And I just learned about MedTrust Online. According to the Arizona Republic, this is going to be a social-networking site for oncologists and others who treat cancer that provides easy access to pertinent medical literature, clinical trial information, treatment options and a wealth of other data. The paper reported that "the strategy is to create a link between willing docs and drugmakers."

Manhattan Research sponsored a webcast last week to discuss findings from its newly published Taking the Pulse v8.0, an annual report that surveys online physician trends. (More on the study in an upcoming post). They see the online social networking space exploding as more physicians learn what is out there and become comfortable holding clinical discussions online. The moderator pointed out, "It’s important for biopharma to keep an eye on these trends, pharma marketing especially...on the physician side, some of the early companies are getting aggregated data about what physicians are talking about. They can respond to what physicians are saying." Definitely seems very Pharma 2.0.