Top 10 Pharma Product Sites

Manhattan Research, a data fave of mine, recently published another of its many studies related to technology adoption by physicians. This one is specific to the pharma industry: ePharma Physician® v8.0. Among the findings, not surprisingly, is that physicians want to access pharmaceutical research and information online. Today physicians conduct 41% of their pharma research online, but expect to increase that percentage to over 50% in the near future.

According to the study, these are the top 10 pharma product sites in 2008, as ranked by the number of U.S.-based primary care physician visitors:

  1. Januvia
  2. Actos
  3. Chantix
  4. Gardasil
  5. Actonel
  6. Vytorin
  7. Amitiza
  8. Byetta
  9. Avandia
  10. Aciphex

Meredith Abreu Ressi, research vp at Manhattan Research, commented, “Pharmaceutical companies need to ensure that brand websites contain the latest, most accurate content possible and can be found relatively easily by physicians using search engines to research pharmaceutical information.”