More on Revolution...and consumers' favorite pharma sites

Last week I wrote about the Revolution-Waterfront merger. If you'd like more perspective on the deal, there is an excellent interview on the Health Business Blog between David Williams and Mark Bard, CEO of Manahttan Research. Recently I highlighted the top 10 pharma sites visited by PCP's (Manhattan Research). Now comScore, Inc. has released its own study of the top pharmaceutical brand sites, but this one is based on all users, not physicians only, and is period specific. Thus not apples to apples. That said, it is interesting to note that there is not much crossover between the two studies. Only three sites appear on both: Actos, Gardasil and Januvia.

Top 10 Pharmaceutical Brand Web Sites by Unique Visitors Q2 2008 vs. Q2 2007 Total U.S. – Home/Work/University Locations

  1. Nexium - 1,021,000 (up 55% from 2Q 2007)
  2. Actos - 855,000 (+2399%)
  3. Ambien CR - 756,000 (-61%)
  4. Gardasil - 722,000 (-21%)
  5. Lexapro - 549,000 (+3%)
  6. Veramyst - 538,000 (launched in 08)
  7. Januvia - 507,000 (+329%)
  8. Lyrica - 501,000 (+36%)
  9. Topamax - 498,000 (+38%)
  10. Seroquel - 447,000 (+24%)

Some highlights from the study:

Takeda substantially increased marketing for the Actos brand beginning in 3Q 2007, helping build into the second most visited site in the category.

Pfizer has boosted marketing and public relations efforts for Lyrica since 3Q 2007, when the product was approved for the treatment of fibromyalgia.

Diabetes drug Januvia recorded a 330% increase in visitors to its site after Merck increased marketing activity in the second half of 2007.