Forbes, Newsweek, Health Affairs: They're all talking Health 2.0

Newsweek acknowledges social media's influence on physicians in March 10th's "Big Pharma Listens." The article focuses on Sermo and while it does not cover new ground it reminded me that Doctors Unite came to life as a result of a physician's post on Sermo Forbes chose PatientsLikeMe to be its Innovator of the Month (3/3/09) in "Creating A New Kind Of Health Care Community".

healthaffairsHealth Affairs, the weighty journal of health policy, features "Take Two Aspirin And Tweet Me In The Morning: How Twitter, Facebook, And Other Social Media Are Reshaping Health Care" in its March/April issue. Definitely worth a read especially since they have made it free to public access (normally all articles are fee-based). However, I wish they had featured more examples of physician practices using technology to improve patient satisfaction and compliance.