Mobile health is moving on up

I've been touting the power of mobile for months to clients. There are so many untapped opportunities. Some notable developments in the mobile space: sensei Sensei, a mobile tech developer better known for its weight loss tools, launched My Diabetes Guide, an iPhone app to help patients manage their condition. It focuses on the basics helping people remember what To Do, To Eat and To Ask. Available for only 99 cents, it will be interesting to see how many people buy and use it.

On the physician side, Manhattan Research published results from its Taking the Pulse® v9.0 study reporting that 64% of doctors are now using smartphones (iPhones, Blackberrys). According to the study the number of physicians using iPhones more than doubled in the past year alone. This is no surprise to me, and I bet the number will reach close to 80% (all types of smartphones) by next year. Physicians have been using mobile technology like beepers and phones forever. These newer smartphones have everything they need - plenty of medical apps are now available - and provide ready access to stock price quotes and restaurant guides. What else do they need?

quantiamdRecognizing the mobile opportunity, QuantiaMD is building an interactive mobile physician community to give doctors one more way to stay on top of their game as well as participate in promotional, educational and market research studies. The app already has 73 ratings on its download page, many quite favorable.