You heard it here first - pharma apps are where it's at

Not to boast but we were on the pharma apps trend (thanks to Eileen O'Brien) before Ad Age's June article: For Pharma Marketers, the IPhone Is a Perfect Conduit to the Consumer. (You need to be a subscriber, which I'm not, but I was able to see it when it first came out online.) medappsThe Ad Age article points out that Apple is actively courting pharma to create medical and wellness apps. Diabetes is a natural fit (see our Mobile Health post). At the launch of its 3.0 software-development kit in March, Apple invited LifeScan to demo a prototype application that would allow diabetics to upload readings from their glucometers and chart the results to better manage their their condition throughout the day. Not to be outdone, Roche Diagnostics is apparently working with MYLEstone Health to add its Accu-Check educational program to the Glucose Buddy app (according to mobilehealthnews). O'Reilly Media reports that medical apps are the third-fastest growing category for Apple. And Georgetown is now requiring its second-year med school students to use an iPhone or IPod Touch.

So just remember where you heard it first - right here at Pharma 2.0.