Pharma and Healthcare Social Media Wiki

I have no clue when Jonathan Richman has time to sleep or work given all of the information he gathers and publishes on his blog Dose of Digital. One of the best areas on his site is the Pharma and Healthcare Social Media Wiki. It is chock full of real-world examples of digital/social marketing in pharma and other parts of healthcare. Below is how the wiki is organized. A definite bookmark if you're into social media in our space.

  • Brand Sponsored Patient Communities
  • Patient Communities (Non-Brand Sponsored)
  • Physician and Nurse Communities
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter (Pharma & Healthcare Companies)
  • Blogs (Pharma & Healthcare Companies)
  • MySpace
  • Hospitals Using Social Media
  • Mash Ups
  • Wikis
  • iPhone Apps
  • Widgets and Gadgets
  • Non-English Based Programs
  • Blogs (Patients and Caregivers)
  • Blogs (Industry Observers) Twitter (Industry Observers)
  • Marketing Professional Communities
  • Additional Resources