SmartBlog on Social Media Interview

SmartBlog on Social Media caught up with Bunny to understand more about her white paper The Social Physician. The result was Report Examines Why Doctors Take the Plunge into Social Media. An excerpt below.

Diagnosing why doctors use social media requires more than a one-size-fits-all prescription, Ellerin Health Media founder Bunny Ellerin found while writing her recently released white paper “The Social Physician.”

In the paper, Ellerin interviewed 10 physicians with varying specialties from across the country — conversations that may go a long way toward debunking the prevailing theory that the majority of doctors remain staggeringly behind when it comes to social media.

“People who market to doctors have a lot of preconceived notions that just aren’t correct,” Ellerin said in an interview Wednesday. Having worked with doctors earlier in her career from a marketer’s perspective, Ellerin said the emergence of social media has opened doors — not only between marketers and physicians, but also between physicians and their patients.

Many, like oncologist Dr. Stephen Lemon of Omaha, Neb., jumped into the social-media fray to fight the incorrect information that proliferates on the Internet.

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