Geolocation services: Have your patients put you on the map?

American Medical News sought out Bunny's point of view for an article about doctors' propensity to use or avoid geolocation services like Foursquare. An excerpt is below.

Geolocation applications in health care aren't just for patients. There are also many ways physicians can use the tools to broadcast where they are -- without violating any privacy laws.

Bunny Ellerin, president of Ellerin Health Media, a communications consultancy in Brooklyn, N.Y., said she is aware of several physicians who use apps such as Foursquare to check in at conferences in order to network and plan get-togethers with other physicians, which she thinks is very useful.

But she also sees potential disadvantages and dangers for physicians checking in and broadcasting to the world their every move.

"If you're checking in socially and someone has a medical event, you put yourself in a fairly precarious situation," because people may seek you out and rely on you to respond to the event, she said. Ellerin said physicians responding to disasters could check in so that emergency responders know they are a physician and are there to help.

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