Doctors 2.0 Conference coming to Paris in June

Paris in June. Who wouldn’t want to be there? And now there is an important professional reason to take a trip - Doctors 2.0 & You, a first-time conference that will examine how physicians are actually using the many tools now available on the Web and via mobile. The conference will take place on June 22nd and 23rd at the Cité Universitaire Internationale in Paris. Denise Silber, the organizer, is someone I have known for about a decade (we are both alumna of a certain crimson business school) and one who has been at the forefront of the eHealth movement. Denise is not a newcomer to the space, she has been involved in work related to the Web and its effect on health through her consultancy Basil Strategies for many years. I spoke to Denise about her aspirations for the forum. It was borne out of a belief (true, in my opinion) that “not enough thought has been given to physicians and whether the tools being created for consumers actually advance the physician/patient dialogue.” In the U.S., in particular, there has been great attention given to consumer tools that seek to empower individuals in making more informed healthcare choices and decisions. Perhaps, Denise suggests, that is because Americans are closer to issues of access to care and the payment side of the equation. Unlike many of their European counterparts, they have to pay for more of the care they receive or often forgo medical attention. Yet, in the end, physicians have to embrace and recommend the tools, too. And, there are many applications being developed just for physicians – are they using them? Which ones do they find essential, and which ones are extraneous?

The line-up of speakers is impressive. Among them is Prof. A.C. Nieuwenhuijzen Kruseman, who is President of the Royal Dutch Medical Association. The Netherlands has been especially active in the area of eHealth and has an entire area of the association’s site is devoted to the topic. The prolific and well-known ScienceRoll physician Bertalan Meskó (@Berci on Twitter) will also be on hand. Another notable speaker will be Dr. Victor M. Montori, a diabetologist and clinical epidemiologist, who is medical director of Mayo Clinic’s Center for Social Media. For the complete list, view the speakers on the conference site.

Wishing Denise and her team a successful conference on this important topic.