PharmaWall is the answer to "But I can't post on Facebook."

I had been noticing ads for something called PharmaWall on a few of the health media sites I frequent and decided to find out what it was. As I began my search, I discovered that it was created by Intouch Solutions, a digital marketing agency focused on pharma that is also home to #hcsm luminary Wendy Blackburn. PharmaWall is a Facebook monitoring and moderation tool. It’s the answer to, “But we can’t use Facebook. What happens when all the adverse events come in? And what about all those comments we can’t turn off any more. How do we handle that?”  PharmaWall allows pharma companies to minimize risk while still engaging in the conversation. Alerts are built into PharmaWall to notify administrators of new posts and comments to the Facebook page. Administrators review the user-generated content and then accept, revise or decline it before it appears on Facebook. The system keeps detailed records of both the content and the approval decisions for further review or auditing purposes. Sanofi, once the target of negative Facebook postings, is a PharmaWall client using it on their Diabetes Discussions wall.

When I spoke to Wendy about PharmaWall, she told me that it was actually an extension of another home-grown solution for clients called Share, Send, Save, a widget that allows pharma-approved content sharing across channels. If you'd like to speak to Wendy further, reach her on Twitter, of course, or via email:

Kudos to Intouch. Rather than simply commiserate with clients, they took a look at the dilemmas facing pharma when trying to engage and created tools to solve the issues.  It is rare to find an agency that will put their own resources behind such endeavors.