Medical Sensors Design Conference 2017

What do I know about sensors? Well...a lot more than I thought. Over the past several months I helped put together the first Medical Sensors Design Conference for Questex, an organization that runs hundreds of events throughout the year and owns all of the Fierce properties like FiercePharma, FierceBiotech, etc. MSDC was held on May 8th and 9th in Newton, MA and feedback was quite positive.

A few highlights:

Hearing how Propeller Health has excelled in helping patients and providers better manage asthma and COPD. Two of their core beliefs: Make it easy for patients to comply and Don’t add new burdens to a patient’s day.

Learning how MC10's wearable sensor is powering faster, cheaper, more accurate clinical trials.

Listening to the Power Trio below - Ryan McKindles (Research Director, STRIVE Center, MIT Lincoln Laboratory); Dr. David Putrino (Director Of Rehabilitation Innovation, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai); and Dr. Wasim Malik (Assistant Professor and Director of Harvard/MIT Laboratory for Neuromotor Signal Processing, Harvard Medical School) clue us into the design and testing flaws that derail many promising products.

Moderating a discussion around privacy and security with the three experts below: Doug Aamoth (Director of Technical Product Marketing, Sophos); Mark Laich (President, Laich Advisory Associates); and Guido Gabriele (General Counsel, Grassi & Co.). Key takeaway: be ever-vigilant because no one is immune from hacking.