Interview with PM360

As we come up on the 10 year anniversary of NYC Health Business Leaders, I recently talked to PM 360 about the origins and goals for founding the organization and some of our biggest successes. I co-founded NYCHBL with Dr. Yin Ho, with the mission of connecting healthcare business leaders in New York City. Our goal was to build something that would help connect people who are passionate about healthcare and also allow different parts of the ecosystem to interact. Over the years, I’ve seen a lot more interconnection among industry players than I did before. People are now more aware of the interrelated nature of healthcare, and although it’s tough to break down the silos, people understand that it’s critical. Our goal is for New York to become a true center of healthcare, be seen as such, and attract big players and the leaders who are creating new business models. It’s rewarding that we’ve been able to play a part.