Managing Health & Wellness in an Aging Population

 Tom DeRosa, Dr. Amanda Parsons, Peter Steelman, Dr. Jonathan Goldman

Tom DeRosa, Dr. Amanda Parsons, Peter Steelman, Dr. Jonathan Goldman

It was a pleasure to moderate a panel on Managing Health & Wellness in an Aging Population at the Columbia Business School Alumni Reunion on April 13, 2018. The number of Americans ages 65 and older is set to increase from 46 million today to over 98 million by 2060, and their share of the total population will rise to nearly 24% from 15%.

Our panelists came from diverse backgrounds and were able to offer many insights into how the health business community is addressing this population shift: from the movement toward providing care outside a hospital setting (aging in place) to population health strategies to novel therapies being developed.


  • Tom DeRosa, CBS ’88 - CEO, Welltower Inc.
  • Dr. Jonathan Goldman, CBS ’13 - Operating Partner, Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe
  • Dr. Amanda Parsons, CBS ’03 - Vice President, Community and Population Health, Montefiore Health System
  • Peter Steelman, CBS ’93 - Partner, Deerfield Management

Columbia Business School Healthcare Conference

 Bunny Ellerin, Patrick Davish, Professor Gerard Anderson, Tracy Bahl

Bunny Ellerin, Patrick Davish, Professor Gerard Anderson, Tracy Bahl

In 2003, Professor Gerard Anderson of Johns Hopkins and the late health economist Uwe Reinhardt of Princeton identified pricing as the key culprit in America’s exploding healthcare costs in their seminal paper: "It’s The Prices, Stupid: Why The United States Is So Different From Other Countries." Fast forward to 2018 and not much has changed, only the problem has gotten worse.

We discussed Healthcare's Pricing Problem: How Did We Get Here and How Can We Reverse the Trend? at the 14th Annual Columbia Business School Healthcare Conference on February 16, 2018. I moderated the panel, which included experts from the pharma, PBM and delivery sides to help us understand the many factors that influence what is charged and what is paid. It was a great discussion with:

  • Gerard Anderson, PhD - Professor of Health Policy and Management and Director of John Hopkins Center for Hospital Finance and Management, John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Medicine
  • Tracy Bahl, MBA, CBS '04 - EVP of Health Plans, CVS Health
  • Patrick Davish, Esq. - AVP Global Pricing, Merck & Co

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The Ellerin Award goes to...Professor Michael Porter


Five forces.

Two words and the room erupts, as only a crowd full of MBA’s can. They know exactly who I’m talking about.

The father of modern business strategy. The man Fortune named "the most famous and influential business professor who has ever lived."

Who else? Harvard Business School Bishop William Lawrence University Professor Michael Porter.

It was humbling to present Professor Porter with the Ellerin Alumni Achievement Award at the 18th Annual HBS Healthcare Annual Conference on November 10, 2017. The award was created to commemorate my role in forming and leading the organization and is given to an outstanding leader annually.

Professor Porter has applied his intellect to myriad issues and industries throughout his career. We are lucky that he took an interest in healthcare and wrote Redefining Health Care: Creating Value-Based Competition on Results with Elisabeth Teisberg in 2006. Recognizing the need for more, he launched the Institute for Value-Based Healthcare Delivery to provide a framework for restructuring health care systems around the globe with the overarching goal of value for patients—not access, cost containment, convenience, or customer service.

Listening to Professor Porter discuss his work and all his team is doing to create more effective business models in healthcare was inspiring. Gave me renewed hope!


New York Health Care Summit: Strategies for Improving the Affordability of Care and Coverage

It's always a treat to be in the same room as the amazing Dr. Jack Lewin, who has led numerous healthcare organizations (e.g., American College of Cardiology, Cardiovascular Research Foundation) over his phenomenal career. Jack is Chairman of the National Coalition on Health Care, and invited me to speak at its November 2nd New York summit. I presented Leveraging the Healthcare Ecosystem to Improve Care & Decrease Costs

Columbia Business School Breakfast: Healthcare Entrepreneurship in NYC

 From left: Bunny Ellerin, Bob Hopkins, Dr. Joe Habboushe, Professor Linda Green

From left: Bunny Ellerin, Bob Hopkins, Dr. Joe Habboushe, Professor Linda Green

Moderating a panel where you know all the players is fun! I got this opportunity on October 25th when two Columbia Business School programs - Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Management Program (HPM) and the Lang Center - teamed up to organize a breakfast discussion on Healthcare Entrepreneurship in NYC. Held atop the Bank of America building in midtown, we could not have asked for a more beautiful or breathtaking view.

Our panelists were: Bob Hopkins, CBS '95, managing director in Bank of America Equity Research covering US Medical Technology, whom I've known since my interventional cardiology days; my friend Dr. Joe Habboushe, CBS ’07, who practices emergency medicine at NYU and runs several companies including MDCalc and Vitalis Pharmaceuticals; and HPM's Faculty Director Professor Linda Green.

Future of Care: Technology in Medicine Conference

Thanks to the Cornell Medical students who invited me to keynote their second annual conference on the Future of Care: Technology in Medicine on October 21st. I'm not easily impressed so was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the content and the impeccable organization these first and second years exhibited. The event attracted well over 250 people. My talk was on the Future of Healthcare in New York and seemed to resonate among many in the audience. Looking forward to the third annual!