Interview with HCP Live

Journalist Kate Gamble of HCP Live interviewed Bunny about The Rise of the Physician Blogger. Excerpt below.

When Bunny Ellerin, co-founder of NYC Health Business Leaders and president of Ellerin Health Media, started working closely with physicians nearly two decades ago, the communication dynamic was quite different than it is today. For the most part, she says, “physicians were pretty closed off in that they only spoke to each other about clinical topics, and wouldn’t really go outside those walls.”

The walls, it’s safe to say, have come down, according to Ellerin, who examined the online behaviors of 10 physicians in a 2010 report titled, The Social Physician. What she found was that physicians of all ages are spending time online, whether that entails blogging, tweeting, or posting videos. “It’s very interesting because I never would’ve expected the doctors that I worked with early in my career to engage in social media or a public forum,” she says. “The openness and the willingness of physicians to engage and put their views out there is intriguing.”