The Social Physician Panel


After my white paper The Social Physician was released, I was approached to organize a panel around the topic for the Advanced Learning Institute conference on social media and pharma in early May 2011. Two of the doctors profiled in my paper appeared with me - Dr. Felasfa Wodajo, a bone and soft tissue tumor surgeon from Fairfax, VA and editor of iMedicalApps and Dr. Richard Just, a medical oncologist at Pacific Oncology and Hematology in Southern California. We talked about:

  • The types of social media physicians find useful and distracting
  • The value social networks like Sermo and Physicians Connect hold for physicians and what drives their usage
  • How physicians are using mobile to engage socially
  • Whether or not the Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) of the future will be someone who is "social" and more open

The image to the left is from one of my favorite videos that shows how much fun clinicians can have via social media.